Eine No-Code Lösung mittels Access

SharePoint Online: A no-code Solution to Create and Customize Access Service app using Access 2013
In this article I am going to walk through the process of building an Access service app using an example of a Photography sales store. This app will store information of the employees, customers, inventory and orders using tables and forms. We are going to create forms to both add and read data from tables.

Table of Contents
My SharePoint Online Setup
Site Collection Template
Site Collection and site features
Create a Custom Web App in Access
Setting up connections
How to open the access database file i.e. accdb again
Scenario I
Scenario II
Scenario III
How to access the database and tables in Windows Azure
Creating and Editing tables in Access
Employees table:
Products Table
Customers Table
Orders table
Change the design of the Employees form.
Change the ‚By Quantity to Category in the Products table
Building Macros
Change Table View
On Start View
Boundaries and Limitations of Access App
Queries and Forms.
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