Microsoft Ignite 2015 Sessions mit Bezug zu SharePoint und OneDrive

Hier finden Sie die Links zu den Channel9-Aufeichnungen in englischer Sprache von der diesjährigen Ignite Veranstaltung.

Code Title
FND2203 The Evolution of SharePoint: Overview and Roadmap
BRK2192 A File’s Future with OneDrive for Business
BRK4110 I Sync, Therefore I Am: A Deep Dive on OneDrive Sync Capabilities and Roadmap
BRK2188 What’s New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016
BRK4111 Future-Proofing Your On-Premises SharePoint Development
BRK3176 Effective Search Deployment and Operations in SharePoint Server 2013
BRK3164 Deep Dive into Safe SharePoint Branding in Office 365 Using Repeatable Patterns and Practices
BRK2102 How to Decide When to Use SharePoint and Yammer and Office 365 Groups and Outlook and Skype
BRK2142 Microsoft SharePoint Data Security and Compliance
BRK2163 MVP Panel: SharePoint On-Premises, Online and Everything in Between
BRK4124 Search Extensibility in SharePoint 2013
BRK3134 Implementing Next Generation SharePoint Hybrid Search with the Cloud Search Service Application
BRK3190 Designing and Applying Information Architecture for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365
BRK3115 Upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Ready for Cloud Potential
BRK4125 Transforming Your SharePoint Full Trust Code to the Office App Model
BRK2130 Ernst & Young: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Search Adoption
BRK3201 The Social Intranet: Integrate Yammer into Your Microsoft SharePoint Experience
BRK2169 Best Practices for Design and Performance in SharePoint Online
BRK2150 Proven Ways to Build Robust, No-Code Solutions in Microsoft SharePoint
BRK4116 Authentication Patterns for SharePoint Server 2013, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business
BRK4113 Hybrid Business Connectivity Services with SharePoint Online
BRK2129 Driving User Adoption from a Technical Standpoint for SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365
BRK4106 Troubleshooting Hybrid Configurations and Workloads with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365
BRK4131 Microsoft SharePoint Server with SQL Server: Now Better Than Ever
BRK3182 Microsoft OneDrive for Business: Most Secure for Your Data in the Cloud
BRK2206 SharePoint UNPLUGGED! Questions Answered on Anything You Heard This Week
BRK3135 OneDrive for Business for B2B External Sharing, IT-Lead Cross-Org Collaboration
BRK3123 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business Management and Control
BRK2140 DSM: Their Journey to Microsoft SharePoint Online and Office365
BRK3122 Building Solutions and Apps That Leverage OneDrive for Business
BRK2196 Re-Thinking Attachments: Collaborating in Outlook with OneDrive
BRK3153 Migration to SharePoint Online Best Practices and New API Investments
BRK4101 Elastic SharePoint Storage with StorSimple and Microsoft Azure
BRK3210 Advanced Enterprise Content Management and Classification in SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365
BRK3124 SharePoint 2013 and Azure IaaS: Better Together
BRK4130 Developing Microsoft Office and SharePoint Solutions in a Hybrid World
BRK3183 Configuring OneDrive for Business Deployment: Options and Best Practices
BRK2156 Virtusa: Establishing SharePoint Hybrid for Social, Search and Personal Storage
BRK4104 Setting Up Your On-Premises SharePoint Environment for Custom App Development